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About Us

Our Story

Working closely with the Israeli Ministry of Health, Parma Security has been
instrumental in devising the security protocols and solutions that have been adopted as
standards for the Medical Cannabis Industry and for securing the Medical Cannabis
production line.

Our Team

Pharma-Security combines a team of highly experienced experts with years of hands-on knowledge and expertise in dealing with advanced security methodology and technologies to create sophisticated, integrated security solutions for the full supply chain of cannabis products. 

Our Solutions

We consult from the seedling, breeding stages, regulations for medical cannabis. All Security & Secure Logistics Solutions for CDR products & services.


Our People

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Founder and CEO

Yosi Sherman

Founder and CEO Yosi Sherman is a highly proficient multi-disciplinary security expert who spent most of his career in various security agencies in Israel, dealing with complex Physical and Cybersecurity issues, as well as interfacing, restricted information databases with civilian markets.
A certified Chief Security Officer, Private Investigator, Small Weapons Instructor, and Licensed Internal Auditor - Yosi has served as the Head of Security & Audit Division at the National Agency for Geodesy, Cadaster, Mapping and Geographic Information, Member of the Ministry of Internal Security Policy Forums for Physical Security, Member of the State Steering Committee for Information and Cyber Security.

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Pharma International logistics specialisy

Yoram Eshel

Having served 14 years as the Head of Global Transportation & Logistics for Teva Pharmaceuticals, the world's largest producer of pharmaceutical generics products, I have accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise covering all aspects of supply chain management and global logistics operations.  
Based on my vast knowledge and experience, I am ideally positioned to support companies seeking to develop their businesses and operations in the Healthcare, Medical Devices and Medical Cannabis Industries - on global basis. In addition, I regularly lecture at major international conferences on topics including logistics, Pharma supply chain implications, Medical Cannabis challenges, Supply Chains’ Risk management and risk mitigation practices and much more. 

grant wege.JPG

Head of Global Operations
Strategy and Risk Analysis

Grant Wege

Grant is a Security & Risk Management consultant who provides turn-key solutions of physical security issues for Critical Infrastructures, High Risk facilities or individuals requiring protection. Grant provides special event security planning for clients sponsoring a major event. Likewise, he conducts Security Vulnerability Assessments [SVA] and Due Diligence Screenings [DDS] in connection with any upcoming major events. His training and expertise in Home Land Security, Law Enforcement' Developing and Training Specialized Units and “Red-Teaming” exercises, combined with a proactive approach, makes him the security professional for goverments and companies seeking security auditing, training and project management.

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Cyber Specialist

Moshe Raz

A veteran of Information Security and cyber threats prevention, began to deal with the issues while still at "Rafael" [Military Advanced Weapon Industries]. In 1986 he was one of the founders of DataSec and served as its CEO until 2014 when he joined the IP Group Ltd.
Moshe is one of the leaders in the regulation of risk management and data protection, he participates in translating the ISO27001:2005 and he in charge of the company's GRC field.
Moshe serves as a senior strategic advisor in the government and defence sector. He is also a member of the Israeli Association for Auditing and Information Systems Security (ISACA).

eli elimelech.JPG

Training, Crises Negotiation and Counter Terrorism

Eli Elimelech

Israel Police Superintendent (retired), where he served for 33 years: 1983 to 2000 - Tel Aviv Central District Narcotic Department Unit serving as a: detective, investigator (including youth), undercover agent operator and in his last position served as the units operation officer.
2000 to 2002 - Center for Police Studies as an Officers training platoon commander, A commander of undercover agent operators course and his last position as the course leader of detectives and intelligence studies.
2002 to 2006 – Crises Negotiation Unit as a Doctrine and Research Officer and member of the counter-terrorism branch.
2006 to 2013 – Israel Police Security Division as a regulator and director for security at airports, seaports and international border crossings.
2013 to June 2016 – Crises Negotiation Unit deputy commander. 
- During serving: member of the multinational force in Haiti 
- 1994/5 served as an instructor for police and detective work.
- Israel Police Attaché in Bogotá Colombia during International Narcotics Investigation.
- Participated in a Crises Negotiators Seminar at the F.B.I Academy in Quantico.
- Today: Security Consultant to public organizations & infrastructures.
- Instructor for crises negotiation management at the Police Academy (as an external instructor), in Border Security officers courses and at Counter Terrorism units around the world.
- Volunteering in the Crises Negotiation Unit at special events & counter-terrorism section.

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Legal Advice and regulation

ADV. Moshe Frenkel

Our Legal Advisor

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